School fee Payment Policy at St. Christopher’s Academy

All tuition fees are payable in advance on or before the 7th of every Month

  • Non-attendance and/or absenteeism shall NOT negate payment of tuition fees.
  • All funds paid are non-refundable. Please be advised that in the event of Yearly payments being made by either the Parent or the Trust Fund the same policy is applicable. Parents must be sure when they do the Yearly payments because in the event of a Learner leaving the School before the end of the year they will unfortunately forfeit the funds paid.
  • One Month’s written notice plus the School fees for the Notice month is payable when a child leaves the School.
  • Please note that Transfer Card for Learners will only be issued if all School fees are paid up to date.
  • In the event of a Learner’s School fees not being paid on the 7th of every month, he/she will unfortunately not be allowed to attend any further classes. Please be advised that the School will not accommodate any Parent with outstanding School fees. Parents will be called to collect the child with the Transfer Card.
  • All outstanding accounts will be handed to our Debt collectors with costs.
  • Learners will receive a stamp in their Homework diary to indicate their School fees are up to date.

School fees 2018

  • Registration fee for all Learners will be R700,00 per year.
  • School fees for only Child will be R2500,00 per month over 11 Months from 7 January to 7 November.
  • Two Learners will be R2200,00 per month over 11 Months from 7 January to 7 November. Three or more Learners will be R2000,00 per month over 11 Months from 7 January to 7 November.
  • If your School fees are paid in full by 31 January you qualify for a 5% discount
  • All new Enrolments, including Gr 8’s for 2018 payable amount on Enrolment will be R700,00
  • The Payment of School fees are compulsory as determined by the South African Schools Act , 1996 ( Act No 84 of 1996 )

Collection Procedure

According to the South African Schools Act, 1996 (No.84 of 1996), School fees are compulsory at all Schools.

School fees are payable in advance and on or before the 7th of every month.

Herewith the collection procedure:

  • A Monthly School fee Statement are sent to all parents
  • In the event of failing to do the School fee payment before or on the 7th of every month the collection process takes effect.
  • On the 8th all accounts will be checked and if your account is not paid you will be contacted by the School to come and collect your child together with the Transfer card to Enrol your child in another School
  • If you wish to stay at St. Christopher’s Academy for the remainder of the year the full year’s School fees needs to be paid immediately
  • All outstanding accounts will be handed to our lawyers for collection with costs.
  • In the event of divorced parents, you need to understand that the payment of School fees is a private matter between yourselves. The School can not get involved in private arrangements. A person who acts as the legal guardian is directly responsible for the payment of School fees and can lawfully be prosecuted if payments are neglegted
  • Please note that above mentioned procedures are strictly followed and outstanding School fee accounts will not be accommodated. Please note no arrangements will be entered into at all.

Payment Methods

  • ELECTRONIC, INTERNET OR TELEPHONE BANKING. Please send proof of payment clearly indicating the Learner Name and Account Number to avoid any confusion on the Bank Statements.
  • Banking Details:


Cheque Acc 4055442261

Branch Code 632005

  • To erase the risk of carrying cash we urge Parents to make use of the Debitorder System. Some advantages of this system
    • Ø Money are not handled by your child, teacher or admin staff
    • Ø The risk of loosing money are eliminated
    • Ø Debitorder payments improve the School’s cashflow
  • Please collect forms at the Office to be part of this system.
  • Please note in the event of a Debitorder being refused by the Bank, all costs will be debited to your account.
  • Any queries regarding your School fee account, please contact Mrs Erika Burger on 011 393 2143 or email:

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